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Model Size 3 Heat Exchangers

Model Size 3 Heat Exchangers

Available options include:

  • All stainless-steel multi-section
  • All Stainless-steel back to back
  • Painted steel frame single section
  • Painted steel frame back to back

All Stainless-Steel Multi-Section Applications:

  • Milk pasteurisation and cooling of cow, sheep and goat milk prior to bottling or for making of cheese.
  • Raw dairy cow milk cooling before tank storage on the farm.
  • Brewing—Wort cooling & lager/beer/cider/whiskey conditioning – can include heat recovery.
  • Ice cream mix cooling.
  • Yoghurt mix cooling (before adding culture).
  • Cream pasteurisation and cooling.
  • Soft drink processing.
  • Any other non-particulate laden liquid to liquid application where an all stainless-steel construction is preferable over painted steel.
  • Model Size 3 Heat Exchangers

Back to back units are two plate packs in a common frame.
This allows two stage cooling (for example using mains water and then chilled water) or two stage heating (for example using a heat pump or solar panels and then a boiler).
Can be supplied in either an all stainless-steel frame or painted steel.

Model Size 3 Heat ExchangersPainted steel frame units – ideal for all general heating and cooling applications that involve fluids that can be passed through a plate type heat exchanger.

Applications can include:

  • Boiler, heat pump, chiller or cooling tower separation
  • Process liquid heating or cooling
  • Oil (Lube oil, veg oil etc) heating or cooling
  • Swimming pool heating
  • Heat recovery

Standard Specifications:

Connection Sizes: 1.25” BSPT threaded for Painted steel frames.
Other connections sizes and types available upon request.
Stainless steel frames to suit your requirements.
Connection centres: 656 mm between vertical centres.
70 mm between horizontal centres.
Plate materials: 316 Stainless Steel or titanium
Plate thickness: 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 mm
Gasket materials: Food safe Nitrile, food safe EPDM or FKM (viton)
Max working pressures: 4 bar upwards
Surface area per plate: 0.084 and 0.121 m²

Optional Extras

  • Wall brackets
  • Adjustable ball-feet
  • Drip trays
  • Insulation Jackets