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Thermal Insulation Covers For Gasketed PHE’s


Removable Thermal Insulation Covers/Jackets

The purpose of flexible re-usable insulation systems is to provide the user with a cost efficient means to insulate gasketed plate and frame type heat exchangers, and still be able to remove and replace the jacket with the minimum of fuss.


  • All jackets conform to BS5422.
  • Non combustible as to BS 476 Part 4.


  • All thermal insulation covers are designed to enclose the entire valve body including bonnet flange, mating flanges and overlap adjacent line insulation by a minimum 50mm.
  • All jackets have blanket quilting pins installed at sufficient centres to prevent the insulation insert from shifting or pulling away from the outer jacket.
  • All jackets are of a sewn construction.
  • All flaps are installed in a manner which provides suitable water shedding.

Construction Specification

  • For use on surfaces with operating temperatures from: 0 to +230 degrees.
  • Outer face 440 gr/m2 PVC coated E-Glss Cloth.
  • Inner face 460 gr/m2 silicone coated E-gless cloth.
  • Insulation. 50mm x 45kg/m2 Rockwool or mineral fibre.
  • Fasteners. Velcro type hooks and loop flaps.
  • Draw cord. 4mm spun fibreglass cord.
  • Thread. PTFE coated glass fibre thread 57-E-ST-705.
  • ID Label. Laminated.

Insulating Properties

  • The jacket insulating material has a thermal conductivity [k] of 0.049W/m.K.
  • PTFE jackets are Phenolic fibre free jackets.