TimSmith Heat Exchangers
Heat Transfer and Industrial Pump Specialists


Tim Smith is a specialist in heat exchangers with over thirty years of experience. He has extensive knowledge of heat transfer equipment and it’s applications. Tim is great at analysing technical problems and finding solutions. Tim has numerous other skills that assist him in doing an overall good job.

Morgana Evans worked with the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce, where she helped organise events and provided admin support to various SMEs who were building their businesses. Morgana achieved the St Albans Young Business Person of the Year Award in 2014. In September 2019 Morgana gained a first class honours degree in Business Studies.

Melanie Evans has had wide experience within the NHS. She has managed large numbers of staff and budgets, worked on refining and delivering IT projects (Datix for Hertfordshire Partnership Trust, Rio and E-rostering for BEHMHT), been proactive in the design and project management of rebuilding hospital units in Harpenden, Stevenage, Barnet and Edgware.

Lesley Preston has over 30 successful years of experience in retail and marketing. During this time she took on several failing businesses and turned them around, increasing sales volumes exponentially, but also using her general managerial skills and energy; pleased to be responsible for providing jobs to people, and valuable services for customers.

Lesley recently sold her latest company and was looking for a new challenge, so was very excited to be given the opportunity of working in our new company “with people she trusts and a product she believes in”.

Lesley has been working closely with colleagues here and in Denmark, and is impressed with the extensive range and quality of the Industrial and Wastewater Danpumps we are selling. In liaison with our Technical Director Graham Barr, and with the heads of Pump Manufacturing and Sales in Denmark, Lesley has been investing in building up an in depth knowledge of the product and it’s usefulness in so many applications.

Our colleagues in Sonflow:

Aage Sondergaard Neilsen is an established design engineer and successful entrepreneur. He was the founder of Sondex Heat Exchangers.

Bent Jensen is a top engineer and software designer who has worked with Aage for many years.

Connie Bloch Damburg is an experienced and successful international sales executive with a good technical knowledge of the industry.