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Next Generation of Heat Exchanger Plates Now Available

heat exchanger plates

  • Up to 20% more heat transfer per plate when compared to some others on the market.
  • Greater turbulence at lower flow rates.
  • Improved flow distribution areas.
  • Positive locking between each plate.
  • Easy to fit gaskets supported in deeper grooves.
  • Savings on materials used, production costs and energy.
  • European Quality that does not cost the Earth.

We can supply you with Sonflow’s innovatively designed Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers which introduce a refined plate pattern that makes for a stronger plate using thinner materials.

The new patterns increase the heat transfer per plate (so fewer plates are needed than in older designs), and the improved heat transfer means your primary and secondary circuits can run closer together.

The plates have a more defined gasket groove and enhanced gaskets. The groove will give additional support and protection to the gaskets, and the enhanced gaskets will improve the sealing, making them less prone to leakage.

Another advantage of the new design is that Sonflow plates have excellent flow distribution which ensures a more stable and predictable performance and an even better response to cleaning.
Advantages of Sonflow Gasketed Heat Exchangers:

  • Traceable production processes with full monitoring of raw materials.
  • Efficiency – due to the high definition pressing, a very high turbulence is achieved at relatively low fluid velocity.
  • Compact size.
  • Superb energy efficiency.
  • Close approach temperatures are possible.
  • Fewer plates mean faster cleaning and a lower cost for spares.
  • Having an enhanced distribution area spreads liquid across the entire plate width even at lower flows.
  • Thinner plates can be used at higher pressures.
  • Heat transfer is higher when compared to traditional plates.