TimSmith Heat Exchangers
Heat Transfer and Industrial Pump Specialists


We sell heat transfer equipment and industrial pumps, and are the authorised agents for Sonflow and DanPumps. If you want to speak to someone who will listen carefully to your requirements and ask you sensible questions, then please contact us.

We will be honest and informative about what can be achieved, help you select the best equipment that can deliver on your objectives, and we can provide you with expert advice if some conditions change later and the system needs tweaking.

TimSmith has over 30 yrs experience, high technical knowledge and skills, friendly service, honesty, and good value. Our Heat Exchangers and Pumps are delivered from the UK or Denmark, and all meet high quality standards but are competitively priced.

You can reach us on 01727 768247, e-mail us at or find us on LinkedIn.


Heat Exchanger that can be used for food and dairy Swimming Pool Heating Heat Exchanger All Stainless Steel Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger