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Replacement Plates and Gaskets

Complete replacement Plate Packs can be supplied to fit into Heat Exchanger Frames produced by the likes of:

  • Danfoss/Sondex
  • Secespol
  • Ares
  • UK Exchangers

Increased performance

We can supply complete plate packs using the advanced plate designs manufactured by Sonflow, or using copy parts made to the same specifications as the originals.

If the latest Sonflow plates are used, the performance of the heat exchanger can potentially be increased without changing the number of plates fitted in the pack. This is achieved by improvements made to plate patterns, surface area per plate and flow distribution.

Cost saving If the original performance data of the heat exchanger is known, then we can select a Sonflow replacement plate pack “from scratch”. It may then be possible to reduce the number of plates required and make more cost savings.

Easy to replaceIf the performance data is not available, then in order to provide a replacement plate pack, the following information is required:

  1. Plate and gasket material
  2. Plate thickness, or maximum working pressure
  3. Media being passed through the heat exchanger
  4. Number of plates fitted
  5. Plate pack arrangement (usually given on plate pack assembly diagrams included with the O/M manual)

S100, S110, S121, S130, S145, S14A, S152, S16, S188, S19A, S20A, S210, S21A, S22, S31A, S41A, S43, S47A, S4A, S62A, S64, S65, S81, S86, S8A, S9A, UKE-1A/1B, ARES 12L, ARES A12M, ARES A6L, ARES A8L, ARES A8M, UKE-10A/ ARES A6S, UKE-12/ARES A6M, UKE-2A/2B & UKE8 packaged, UKE-4 & UKE14 packaged, UKE-45, UKE-5, UKE-55, UKE-65, UKE-6A, UKE-6B, UKE-7/7L/ARES A4M, UKE-9, FA-004, FA-008, FB-014, FB-020, FC-009, FC-019, FC-031, FD-021, FD-021A, FD-047, FD-064, FE-041, FE-062, FE-086, FG-065, FH-121, FH-188, Plates and Gaskets, LOK Lochinvar