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SONFLOW Horizontal, Dry Pit Waste Water Pumps: Model S-WN

Efficient and reliable dry pit waste water sewage pumps
can be tailored to suit many different types of media


Dry Pit Waste Water Sewage PumpThe Sonflow S-WN horizontal range of pumps are primarily designed to move waste water. However they can be tailored to suit many different applications by adjusting the motor size and the impellor type.

The modular construction allows for interchangeable parts and quicker, straight forward servicing.

Flow rates: 68 m3/hour up to 3500 m3/hour.

Only sourced from high quality manufacturers. Comply with IEC 60034-30 and EC Directive 2009/125 (eco design for energy related products). IP55 weatherproofed as standard. Options for increased weatherproofing and ATEX available.

Dry Pit Waste Water Pump Body:
Fitted with quick release stainless steel latch bolts and drain point for the oil. Pump head can be withdrawn from the body without the need to remove any pipework thus down time is considerable reduced when carrying out any service/maintenance work. Pump suction and discharge connections are flanged as standard.

Designed / selected to suit pump application and to give the best / most efficient performance. All of the Impellors are designed to fit into the same housing (Volute) so if the pump requirements change then an alternative impellor can be retro fitted.

Not fitted as standard but can be supplied as optional extra.

Dry Pit Waste Water Pumps Motor to Impellor CouplingsMotor to Impellor Couplings:
Produced from cast iron and rubber with a strong taper lock connecting Bush to absorb any mechanical shocks and vibrations. This feature helps protect the pump internals and gives rise to a longer service.

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