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SONFLOW Sanitary Pumps: Model S-FP

This range of stainless steel sanitary pumps is designed to be easily cleaned and serviced, and offer exceptional levels of hygiene. The S-FP pumps provide a long and trouble-free service life that ensures low cost ownership.

Sanitary Pumps

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Sanitary Pumps Features:

  • EHEDG Certification (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).
  • Internal surface finish of 0.5 µm to 0.8 µm Ra ensures bacterial growth minimised as much as possible.
  • Responds extremely well to CIP: Cleaning In Place, for fast and effective cleaning.
  • Equipped with a cartridge seal that can be easily and speedily replaced without the need for any special tools or skilled personnel.
  • Balanced impellers with low shear.
  • Low noise level.
  • Easy switch from single to double mechanical seal.
  • Operational temperature range between minus 20 Deg C up to +140 Deg C.
  • Energy efficient motor fitted.
  • Empties completely when drained.
  • Flows up to 100 m3/hr.

Applications and Uses:
DAIRY PRODUCTS: Un-pasteurised milk, whey, cream, skimmed & concentrated milks and whey.
FOODSTUFFS: Egg products, vinegar, animal and vegetable oils and fats.
NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Syrups, fruits juice and concentrates.
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Liqueurs, wine, sparkling wine, beer.
SUGARY PRODUCTS: Liquid sugar, treacle, starch solution, glucose.
BIOTECHNOLOGY: Cellular suspensions, enzymes, nutrients solutions.
BREWING: Malt and water mixing, malt must, yeast.
CHEMICALS: Solvents, detergents, basic solutions, alkaline solutions, acid solutions.
PHARMACEUTICAL/COSMETICS: Infusion solutions, lotions, plant extracts, perfumes.


Specifications of S-FP Sanitary Pumps

Semi-Open ImpellerSemi-Open Impeller
All pumps are optimised according to requirements.
Electro-polished stainless steel impellers are suitable for both low-viscosity and particle-laden liquids.
Holes through the impeller serves to equalize pressure on both sides of the impeller.

Volute CasingVolute Casing
Adjustable outlet 360º.
The unique design ensures that the outlet can be rotated 360° in all directions which makes it easy to fit into any installation.
The volute is built into the pump house behind the impeller. This ensures a low noise level and careful handling of the media being pumped.
Volute Casing


  • The impellor, the motor frame and back plate conform to the requirements of EHEDG.
  • The internal surface finish is 0.5 µm to 0.8 µm Ra.
  • All internal pathways have been designed to respond exceptionally well to CIP to ensure “peace of mind”
    throughout any cleaning in place activity.

Mechanical Pump Seals
Mechanical Pump SealsA user-friendly cartridge seal makes it possible to change the seal without using any special tools or personal with specific skills.
Ease of installation reduces downtime and mistakes.
The cartridge seal can be a single or a double mechanical seal.
Single mechanical seal: water, beer, milk and other non sticky liquids.
Double mechanical seal: sugar, syrup and other sticky liquids.
The double mechanical seal is designed to prevent the pump from running dry and to handle products that have a tendency to crystallise and/or form carbon.
To simplify and to minimise on the cost of the spare parts required, the S-FP pumps share the same mechanical shaft seal. This combined with the ease of servicing reduces the maintenance costs.

Sanitary Pumps Conical Outer JacketThe Conical Outer Jacket

  • Designed to promote run off of liquids
  • Polished Surface
  • Fully welded jacket ensures a water tight seal
  • Legs are adjustable to cater for uneven or sloped floors

Sanitary Pumps High Efficiency MotorsHigh Efficiency Motors
The high quality electric motors are manufactured according to international standards IEC 60034-30 and conform to the requirements of the EC Directive 2009/125 (eco-design for energy-related products).
The standardised design of the Shaft and Back Plate makes it easy to change the motor size in the event that the pump duty changes. This makes the S-FP Pump the most flexible pump on the market.