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SONFLOW Sludge Pumps: Model S-WS

Highly efficient, low weight, submersible sludge pumps built using aluminium and cast iron materials.
Suitable for pumping sludge and water mixed with solids and can operate in every position – these being vertical, horizontal and upside down.
Heavy duty and robust design with a high performance, but still light and highly portable due to the slim design.

Sludge Pumps

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Sludge Pumps Features:

  • Max. submersion 20m
  •  Max. liquid temperature 40°C
  • Max. medium density: 1100 kg/m3
  • Limitations pH 5-8
  • Classification IP 68
  • Variety of discharge connections, 2.5” hose tail as standard with optional connections available such as larger hose pipe tails and BSP threaded connections.
  • H07RN-F, tough, flexible cable (10 metre length) fitted
  • Motor protection: Build-in thermal switches in the stator windings (140°C, ±5) connected to the build-in contactor
  • Reliable and powerful heavy-duty construction
  • Extreme high wear resistance ensures years of cost-efficient pumping
  • Serviceability with modular design (fully interchangeable wear parts)
  • As an option, a built in float switch can be provided.
  • Auto stop at high amperage and high motor temperature
  • Smart impellor design allows passage of large solids without clogging and excessive wear.


S-WS Sludge Pumps Specifications

The Impellor
The Impellor
Abrasive slurry applications can be especially hard on the impellor.
The design of the impeller fitted as standard is based upon a vortex type which ensures clog free operation of the pump.

The Electrical MotorThe Electrical Motor
Only high quality components are used in the motors inside all Sonflow pumps to ensure a long and trouble free service life.
An integral thermal overload switch protects the motor from overheating when in use.
3 PH supply required.
2 or 3.3 kW motors fitted depending upon pump size.

The Sturdy HandleThe Sturdy Handle
All S-WS pumps are fitted with a strong handle to allow the pump to be lifted in and out of position.
The light weight makes manual handling possible.
Traps, chains and / or rope can be fed through the handle for mechanical assisted lifting if necessary.

Servicing the SealsServicing the Seals
The pump casing holding the seals has been designed for ease of access and maintenance.
Service times are halved when compared to a double mechanical seal arrangement.
No special tools or skills are required to change the seals.
Nitrile Rubber seals are used as standard.