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Wort Cooling Heat Exchangers

Which along with heat transfer, reduce your carbon footprint, save energy and lower heating costs

We can offer a range of Gasketed Plate and Frame type Heat Exchangers that have been selected to cool the wort when it is being transferred out from the brew kettle into the fermentation vessel so that yeast can be added to allow the fermentation process to begin.

Taking the wort to be at around 98°C, cooling is achieved by using mains water/liquor (15 deg C max) at a slightly higher flow rate than the wort. The liquor is then heated by the Heat Exchanger to around 80°C so that it can be used as a preheated liquor for the next batch, or heated so that it can be used for wash-down purposes etc.

The heat exchanger reclaims the heat out of the wort and puts it directly into the liquor thus saving on energy use and costs. The wort is cooled to 20°C when the liquor goes into the exchanger at 15°C.

For extra security, all the selections incorporate 25% extra heat transfer area so that full performance is maintained even when the Heat Exchanger becomes partially fouled and to allow for slight variations in inlet temperatures and flow rates.

All wetted parts are stainless steel and the gaskets used are food safe.

The standard selections are all based upon using mains water only as the coolant. However, the designs can be tailored to add an additional cooling section within the frame so that the cooling is carried out across two stages (such as using mains water in the first section and chilled water in the second).